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How AI is transforming the future of the finance industry

Artificial Intelligence or AI has transformed the financial services industry worldwide. In just a few years, the industry has become more dependent on technology supporting data […]

The rising demand for skills in finance transformation

Coaching professionals in the finance industry believe that finance transformation will become one of the most in-demand skills over the next few years. As roles continue […]

Supporting digital transformation in finance

The combination of digital technology with the rising demand for talent are two trends reshaping the finance industry. Businesses are facing challenges of transitioning to digital […]

Rising demand for skills in the financial services industry

The UK financial services industry is experiencing a significant shortage of talent, intensified by the rising demand as a result of the pandemic.  According to a […]

Applying effective use of data in the finance industry

Businesses are either overwhelmed by too much data, limited access to their data or being held back by the technology they use to measure their information. […]

The Ethical use of big data in financial services

As the industry transforms, there will be winners and losers associated with the fundamental changes in the finance industry as a consequence of big data. Rising […]

The rise of the fintech industry and its associated challenges

The Fintech industry has generated significant changes, disrupting many industries, particularly the financial sector. Fintech has created several benefits in finance, improving payments processing, insurance and […]

The Data Challenge – Artificial Intelligence requires data and data requires AI

Artificial Intelligence requires significant data, building and deploying AI and machine learning systems requires significant data sets. Creating key machine learning algorithms is dependent on large […]

Over 60% of UK financial services businesses are using alternative data to enhance their decisions

Financial services businesses within the UK are becoming more reliant on scraping alternative data sources, with over 60% using alternative data to improve their decision-making process. […]

How the rise of Open Banking could yield benefits to traditional finance groups

Open banking is the transfer of financial data and a trend that inevitably is likely to increase. While open banking empowers fintech and larger technology businesses, […]

The rise of alternative data

Many business leaders believe that traditional practices can only deliver a certain level of results. This way of thinking has influenced financial and investment leaders to […]

How big data has transformed the finance industry

There have been very few technological innovations that have impacted the finance industry, like Big Data. The traditional days of customers visiting local banks have been […]